Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods for Skin to Fight Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural part of our skin that become prominent with age and stress combined with other factors and is unanimously a nightmare for most people. Expensive treatments and long term packages are seen as the only effective measure against them but in fact it comes as a surprise when the best aid against wrinkles is actually present in our own homes in the form of foods- the anti-aging foods! No one really needs to go to a dermatologist or consider chemical alternatives when one can actually fight wrinkles from the comfort of their kitchen.

Top 10 Anti-Aging FOODS

The Best Anti-Aging Skin Foods

Here are 10 foods which fight wrinkles with their natural anti-aging properties and are recommended by specialists worldwide.

1. Avocados

These delicious fruits are full of good fat and are actually protective in nature. Avocados have good fat in them, the kind that goes between membranes and surrounds them against damage. The fat is light in nature and doesn’t congest pores and cells. The best part is that Avocados are great at altering free radical damage and along with skin protection they can also help improve bone density.

Avocados find place in the list of best anti-aging foods for skin because it amazingly prevents wrinkles and skin aging. It has D-manno-heptulose sugar which has been shown to improve the skin epidermis by way of boosting collagen formation. What more, avocados have such amino acids and carotenoid anti-oxidants that help reduce age spots, inflammation as well as heals scars and burns.

All in all avocados are a must have food for anti aging as well as wrinkle prevention plus they can be had in a variety of ways too, that only adds to the long list of benefits that come with this small little fruit.


2. Tomatoes

This member of our daily diet is usually present in the salads and after one gets to know its many benefits, its presence surely would increase a lot more. Tomatoes are great for Ultra violet rays protection and are known for their skin glow improvement. Tomatoes actually help to improve vascular properties of the skin, which in turn helps in exchange of air and circulation of the blood along the tiniest of cells with the help of lycopene present in them. It also has vitamin C that helps build collagen that makes skin plump and soft. A healthy skin brings with it a shine on the outside and in the inside it is better protected against external damage. Thus, tomatoes are indeed great.


3. Oats

Oats are great for the skin anytime of the day or night. When you have one cup of oats, you actually give yourself about 70% of your recommended daily intake of manganese. This manganese assists your body in making use of essential skin nutrients like thiamine, choline, biotin, and vitamin C. Some other minerals like selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc along with fiber make oats an excellent anti-aging food for skin. The soluble dietary fiber called beta-glucan present in oats helps lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) while maintaining your HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Further, the antioxidant components of oats help prevent free radical damage due to higher levels of LDL. So, is not just good for skin but for your heart too! Selenium and fiber in the anti-aging oats are crucial for a youthful skin as it eliminates lines and wrinkles apart from preserving tissue elasticity.


4. Omega 3 Eggs

Omega 3 eggs are just like the conventional eggs; the only difference is that the chicken producing these eggs get a feed which is supplemented with an Omega-3 source such as flax seeds. Omega-3 helps moisturize your skin and protect it against UV damage. Thus, when you eat omega 3 eggs, you take a step forward in preventing premature aging and wrinkling. Omega 3 eggs are also full of multiple vitamins and proteins. They are great for the skin as well as the body but are best known for their huge benefits to the heart. A healthy heart of course improves blood quality and flow which in turn improves the skin texture, colour and quality. Omega 3 in these eggs promote oxygen presence in your blood and helps the cells in your facial area to breath properly.

Omega 3 Eggs

5. Berries

Berries like blue berries and rasp berries are great for the skin all the time. They have a large number of chemicals which in turn promote and protect cell regeneration cycle. Blueberries, particularly, have high concentration of anthocyanins and thus they greatly contribute for a healthy collagen matrix by neutralizing enzymes that destroy connective tissue and also by scavenging free radicals.

If you are among those people who are allergic to certain things or have skin type which cannot keep pace with the daily pace, you must indeed increase the intake of berries in your diet. Berries are really good for cell protection and also promote cell regeneration. The skin cells that receive the most exposure to outside polluting agents benefit a lot from this benefit of berries. A healthy regeneration cycle for the skin cells means that the glow and quality of the skin and its texture is improved.


6. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are great for all kinds of diets. They are best had with a variety of foods but this is not why they are best known. Sunflower seeds are known for their good fat soluble content. They contain good quality Vitamin E and linoleic acid too. The Vitamin E, as an antioxidant, is great for the skin and its protection against external damage, especially sun damage. Researches state that people who take more linoleic acid have fewer wrinkles. These seeds also improve the oxygen presence in the cells which also makes sure that the cells are ‘breathing’ properly. A certain sheen and color can be observed when the cells are breathing properly and it comes as no surprise when the Vitamin E filled Sunflower seeds improve the skin texture and quality.

Sunflower Seeds

7. Nuts

Nuts like almonds and walnuts are a great anti-aging food due to their high content of Vitamin E. They are amazingly great for healthy skin, hair and nails. Vitamin E in them protects the cells from the damage caused by free radicals generated by air pollution, peroxides and sun’s ultra violet rays. Brazil nuts have much selenium, the mineral that works very well with Vitamin E for your skin. They slow down aging process by reducing oxidative stress. However, don’t have more than two Brazil nuts in a day as they are fatty too. You may have handful of other nuts though.


8. Green Tea

Green tea is super effective at preventing wrinkles, probably due to the high amount of catechins present in this tea. Catechins have very strong antioxidant and other health properties. It also has a chemical called EGCG that promotes better regulation of cell growth thus eliminating chances of uneven pigmentation or even cancer. Thus green tea, not only ensures cell regeneration but it also makes sure that they grow correctly to avoid any complications.

Green Tea

9. Yogurt and Kefir

The highest concentration of living probiotics make yogurt and kefir one of the best anti-aging foods for skin. These skin friendly bacteria help your skin remain younger for long. Consuming probiotics largely helps in fighting redness and irritation, the signs of aging skin. Kefir, the milk product that is cultured and is similar to yogurt in its nutrition, has more probiotics than yogurt. So, you might choose to include a bowl of yogurt or kefir or both in your daily diet.

Yogurt and Kefir

10. Fish

Fish is undoubtedly the best source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s, as you might be knowing, help moisturize your skin and protect it from UV damage. Thus, you are safe against premature aging and wrinkling skin if you take fish regularly. These healthy fats that you get from fish like wild salmon are essentially helpful in case you have chronically dry skin, as they will help moisturize your skin from within. Have them as anti-aging skin foods quite often!

fish meat

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Why Facial Massage is Anti-Aging?

Because we are talking about facial massage here, let’s know why massage given to your face may slow down your aging process!

  • Facial massage prevents wrinkles
  • Facial Massage increases blood flow
  • Facial Massage decreases sagging
  • Facial Massage lifts face instantly
  • Facial Massage detoxifies to give a brighter glowing face

To read more about the facial massage:  Top 5 Anti Aging Benefits of Facial Massage

Take a minute every night to massage in your skincare products, which in turn helps to lift your facial muscles. Do circular motions with the fingertips in opposite directions on each hand, this encourages elasticity and breaks the pattern of tension helping prevent a degeneration of the tissues.

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