Top 5 Anti Aging Benefits of Facial Massage

Facial Massage, the name itself relaxes you, isn’t it! If yes, it means you have been taking massages and you know how you feel fantastic when those fingers run all over your body and force you to forget everything! And after a full session of massage, you are lighter than ever. What’s more important is that massage not only relaxes you, it makes you stay younger for longer due to its anti-aging effects. There are of course certain reasons behind this and you should actually know about all the anti-aging effects of massage on skin and body! And it’s not only about your body, your face too gets benefited from a massage! It can look years younger with regular facial massage.

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● Why Facial Massage is Anti-Aging?

Because we are talking about facial massage here, let’s know why massage given to your face may slow down your aging process!

1. Facial massage prevents wrinkles

It is inevitable to keep your face without stretching it all the day long. You go through so many phases during the day that the muscles on your face express them by stretching and tensing up. This leads to wrinkles. Therefore, it becomes essential for these facial muscles to relax. When you give a gentle massage to your face daily, it will help relax tightened up muscles. This in turn will decrease the fine lines and wrinkles formed by these drawn up muscles. You can give a massage to your face muscles only for few minutes in a day to relax them. How long should you massage your face then? This is the obvious question. Well, it all depends upon your skin type:

  • Oily skin- a facial massage of less than ten minutes a day
  • Normal to Dry skin- a facial massage for less than 20 minutes a day

How to give daily facial massage to your skin?

  • Tap your face softly
  • You may also do pinching motions but pinch softly and do not pull your skin otherwise it will stretch and make wrinkles on face.
  • Give upward circular strokes while massaging your face, similar to what your beautician does when you go for a facial treatment in the parlor!

2. Facial Massage increases blood flow

When you massage your skin regularly, it helps increase your blood circulation. Proper blood circulation is what makes your face glow even when you age. Increase in blood circulation and oxygen flow make the line close to your mouth and eye brows softer.

How to give facial massage for increasing blood circulation?

  • Starting with your decolletage area, massage your neck upwards.
  • Then gently work upwards toward your forehead.
  • Focus on the delicate skin all around your eye area but do this in gentle circular motions.

When you do facial massage adopting the above way, it will stimulate your facial muscles and will bring oxygen to your facial area. This is a real anti-aging trick. The more blood flow and more oxygen also help increase collagen production which keeps your facial skin supple, soft and youthful!

3. Facial Massage decreases sagging

If you have been looking into the mirror seriously, you might have noticed some sagging as you age. While it is not too generalized but the most sag-prone facial area lies between your nose and jawline. When you massage your face, preferably with some anti-aging oil, the muscles and tissue of your face restore firmness leading to a youthful look. What is interesting is that you can even massage the inside of your mouth to set the muscles where they belong. This is really exciting to work out your facial muscles so that you can keep yourself years younger to your actual age!

How to give facial massage to remove sagging?

  • Take a few drops of any anti-aging oil (we’ll discuss such oils later)
  • Place your thumbs under your cheekbones, pressing upwards.
  • Start massaging in upward strokes. You need to do this rather vigorously but without hurting yourself.
  • You can even use your knuckles to massage your face from under the cheekbones upwards.
  • Now work your facial muscles along your jawline working them upwards against the bone there. Keep moving upwards towards the forehead.
  • Now for the most exciting part! Place two of your fingers inside your mouth. Push against your cheekbones upwards. Do this only for a few seconds.

4. Facial Massage lifts face instantly

Yes, miraculously yes! You don’t need to go under knife or apply expensive anti-aging products for face lifting. You just need some time, an oil and knowledge of right strokes to give your face a face lifting massage. When you stretch your facial muscles and tissues upwards in the right manner, they become firmer and don’t tend to lie low as when you don’t care about these muscles. And what are these right massage strokes? Here we tell you and if you want to check if this massage really lifts your face, massage half of your face and then compare it with the other half that you haven’t yet given a face lifting massage!

How to give facial massage for natural face lifting?

  • Apply few drops of oil or any other cream that you are fond of to the forehead area of one side of your face. Just remember that this cream should make it easy for your hands to massage your face.
  • Using all the four fingers of both of your hands, start massaging from above your eyes towards the upper side of your forehead. Use both the hands- as one of your hands touches the upper forehead, use the other hand for the same stroke. Meanwhile place the first hand above the eyes so that when the second hand finishes the stroke, this hand can give the next stroke.
  • While giving the above massage stroke, keep giving an upward lift to the corners of the eyes too.
  • Do this continuously for a couple of minutes.
  • Now take some more drops of oil or cream and apply to your cheek at the same side of the face.
  • Using all the four fingers of both the hands, give upward strokes from near your nose towards the forehead. Do this for couple of minutes.
  • Now take some more drops of oil or cream and apply at your jawline.
  • Using all the four fingers of both the hands, give upward strokes along the bone of the jawline towards the forehead. Do for couple of minutes.
  • Now apply few drops of oil or cream to your chin area and using your thumbs, give upward stokes towards your temple. Do for a couple of minutes.
  • Now compare your massaged half face with the other half of your face. You would clearly see a firmer skin and diminished lines on this side of your face. Also if you have had puffy face at your cheeks and puffy eye bags that too will be seen reduced.
  • Now give massage to the other side of your face too so that whole of your face gets lifted for a younger you!

See the below video for proper face lifting massage steps:

5. Facial Massage detoxifies to give a brighter glowing face

Your body deposits toxins throughout the day and even at night into the inter-cellular fluid. Some of this fluid gets trapped in the tissues of your skin. Those that get trapped in the face tissue are believed to drain into the lymph nodes located under the ears, just where you neck ends and meets your ears. That’s why your face sometimes looks puffy. This increases with aging. When you massage your face focusing on the lymph nodes under the ears, the toxins there get released and thus are not able to build up there. This not only helps get rid of puffiness of face but also makes your face glow.

How to give facial massage to detoxify and brighten your face?

  • After cleaning your face apply few drops of oil all over your face.
  • Massage the lymph nodes area first. For this, use the tips of your fingers and start big circular strokes under your ears. You circles should go downwards towards the neck and then upwards traveling along your jawline. Do for a couple of minutes.
  • Now massage your cheekbones in circular strokes, covering the area from near the nose to the jawline near the ears and then past the corners of your mouth. Keep your strokes upwards. Do for a couple of minutes.
  • Now massage your forehead in circular strokes starting from your temple going towards the mid portion of the forehead and then again coming back towards the temples. Do for a minute or two.
  • Now massage gently all around your eyes again in circular strokes starting from above the eye brows, going outwards at the corners of the eyes to under the eyes and then the inside corners of the eyes and finally again coming upwards towards the eyebrows. Do for only a minute. This will also help cure puffy eye bags by releasing the fluid trapped under the eyes.

| What is the best oil for face massage?

Well it depends upon your skin types but yes there are few oils that are good for all the skin types.

Face Massage oil for all skin types

  • Evening Primrose oil– Evening Primrose excellently rejuvenate skin cells. While it is always good for all the skin types like normal and oily as well as combination skin, it is especially good for dry skin and is great for aging skin. Just do not use it alone. Dilute it with some carrier oil like jojoba, almond or coconut oil.
  • Sweet almond oil– Rich in vitamin D, it is also good for all skin types. It can be quickly absorbed by the skin and then rehydrate it perfectly. However, if you have allergies from nuts, you need to either patch test or avoid using it.
  • Grapeseed oil– Rich in vitamin E is a good alternative for almond oil, especially those having nuts allergy. However, people with oily skin may conduct a patch test before using it as it has great moisturizing effects!
  • Jojoba oil– Close to what human sebum is, jojoba oil is one of the best oils for skin care. Not only it gets absorbed quickly but also heals your skin from within giving you a refreshed and rejuvenated younger skin.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil– Rich in vitamin E, apricot kernel oil quickly absorbs into the skin to rehydrate it perfectly. It also relieves inflammation of skin, a very common issue with aging skin!
  • Wheatgerm oil– Rich in protein, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, iron and calcium, this nutrient-packed oil moisturizes and soothes your skin excellently. It is a perfect anti-aging oil that not only moisturizes and heals your dry cracked skin but also reduces scars and prevent further scarring. Vitamin E in this oil also helps reduce all types of skin damage from free radicals as well as aids in the production of collagen to give you a more youthful skin. Just add a few drops of this oil to a carrier oil like jojoba oil and massage you face with it. However, avoid it if you have wheat or gluten allergy.

Select your own oil or make an oil-blend by mixing two or more oils and give yourself a nice facial massage every day to get all its anti-aging benefits!

| What is the best facial massager

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