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30/12/2021 – 05/01/2022

Hey L&L SKIN  fans,

Our Testing program gives you the chance to get up close and personal with our newest products. If you’re selected, we’ll send you samples of our latest product, you test them out, and then send us a review. And we didn’t even tell you the best part yet: it’s completely free.

Read more about L&L SKIN Testing terms and rules>>>

Rules of 1st Event

  1. Testing products:  Please choose from the form below
  2. Countries Supported:  USA citizen only for this time
  3. Spots: 30 spots available

What is L&L SKIN Testing?

It’s a program for our customers who, well, love testing! Basically, we’ll give you free product samples, and you test and review them. Your reviews can be videos on YouTube, text or picture reviews on your social media, or something completely creative and different. To participate in this program, just follow the steps below:

How to enter

  1. Sign in with your account (create a free account if you haven’t yet!).
  2. Click the “Ambassadors Program” button on the bottom.
  3. Read the L&L SKIN Testing rules.
  4. Fill out the application, and wait for us to get back to you.

Selection Criteria

Applicants who meet some of the criteria below will be prioritized. However, you don’t have to meet all the criteria to be chosen.

  1. Provide a complete personal profile, including your social media (we will only use this information to screen your application and we will never share it).
  2. Be specific in your testing plan (include where you will post your review, what form your review will take, and specifically how you plan to use the product).
  3. Complete the survey (not every product has a survey).

You can only sign up for one product at one time.

Tester Announcements

Selected testers will be contacted by us directly to confirm participation and provide shipping information.

Sample Delivery

Samples will be sent out to selected testers as soon as they reply to our email confirming their participation and submitting their shipping address. We will try in all cases to ship product samples in a timely manner, no more than two weeks after the tester announcement.

Review Submission

You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, blogs, forums, deal websites, or other online spaces.

If you’re sharing your review on social media, don’t forget to add hashtag #llskin and tag our official account to increase the chances of being reposted.

If you are selected as a tester, you will not be able to sign up for other ongoing testings until you finish the review submission process.

Please note it usually takes up to 3 days to approve your application.

Once you have submitted your review, L&L SKIN reserves the right to use, edit, and repost your submitted content.

High-quality reviews will have the chance of being pinned to the homepage to get more views.